VIP Deluxe 4 (4 x Cubicle)



Mobile Equipment offers a range of VIP X-Deluxe mobile toilets. The cubicle is built on a trailer base for ease of mobility. The VIP Deluxe 4 (4 x Cubicle) model includes ceramic toilets, recirculating electrical pumps, solar power system and LED lights in the cubicles. The VIP Deluxe 4 (4 x Cubicle) mobile toilet consists of a hand flushable toilet in each cubicle and comes with hand sanitizer.


  • 4 x cubicle
  • Ceramic toilets
  • Recirculating electrical pumps
  • Solar power system
  • LED lights
  • Hand flush
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Size (L x B x H): 4m x 2m x 2m
  • Axel type: Double Braked

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